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Truth-Seeker's Resource Library

Even for the most aware individual right now it can be difficult to truly discern what is unfolding in our world. There are so many narratives, stories and "conspiracy" theories being shared and it has become increasingly hard to know who to trust, what to believe and as the saying goes "It is hard to really see the woods from the trees". 

Perspective is everything.   

There is so much unfolding in our world right now on so many levels, it can be hard to truly translate it. We are in the midst of integrating the full spectrum of REALity. We are in the midst of seeing what is truly REAL and what is not. On one end of the light spectrum, some are seeing this through the lens of fear. On the other end of the light spectrum others are seeing this as a powerful opportunity to awaken and in between, there are so multiple other viewpoints, stories, narratives, “conspiracies” and agendas.   

The question is what will be your focal point?   

When we fully surrender and embrace all of what is arising, we can receive the greatest gift in all of this - Liberation. This is a time of the Crowning. (Corona - meaning Crown). It is a time to crown yourself and to fully liberate yourself from all limiting narratives and to see the truth for yourself by claiming personal power. This is your sovereignty.    


No longer paralysed by fear and no more “spiritually” bypassing. This is the time for us to rise into our warrior and face it all. 

This is the middle path

Over the past few weeks I have shared many workshops and resources within the ORIGEN Community with the intention of empowering you to cultivate your own truth at this time.

From my own personal journey I have learned that it is supportive and helpful to know the following.. 

✔️How to cultivate the right internal environment so that you can navigate all the opposing narratives  from a centred place.

✔️To understand the stages of emotional transformation you move through when navigating change.

✔️To be equipped with the tools to support you on this journey and on how to process the emotions that arise as the truth is being revealed. 

This is why I decided to create an online resource library with tools and resources to empower you on this journey. 


What is in this resource library?

1. Online workshop on the 5 stages of cultivating truth and awareness

This is supportive to help you navigate the emotional journey and stages of awareness as you come to know the truth. 

2. A three hour workshop on creating greater awareness in the midst of uncertainty. 

This workshop was downloaded hundreds of times and supports you in cultivating greater perspective so you can then navigate the opposing narratives, theories and agendas from greater awareness 

3. An online library of alternative links, tools, videos and resources that you can research in your own time so that you can cultivate your own truth.

Now that you have the tools, the awareness to navigate these realms from your centre, you can browse the resource library of links, videos, and articles so you can cultivate your own perspective on the current global event.

*Resource library will be updated over time adding new information as it comes to light.


How to access:

This resource library is free and accessible to all ORIGEN members

To avail of this you can get access in two ways.

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The truth will set you free..


For any questions, please direct them to [email protected]