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Creating Greater Awareness in the midst of uncertainty


"Creating greater awareness in the midst of uncertainty"

Perspective is everything.   

There is so much unfolding in our world right now on so many levels, it can be hard to truly translate it. We are in the midst of integrating the full spectrum of REALity. We are in the midst of seeing what is truly REAL and what is not. On one end of the light spectrum, some are seeing this through the lens of fear. On the other end of the light spectrum others are seeing this as a powerful opportunity to awaken and in between, there are so multiple other viewpoints, stories, narratives, “conspiracies” and agendas.   

The question is what will be your focal point?   

When we fully surrender and embrace all of what is arising, we can receive the greatest gift in all of this - Liberation. This is a time of the Crowning. (Corona - meaning Crown). It is a time to crown yourself and to fully liberate yourself from all limiting narratives and to see the truth for yourself by claiming personal power. This is your sovereignty.    

One thing I am certain of there is a higher natural occurrence that is unfolding in the universe that is supporting us all through what really is such a difficult time.

We are in a time of embrace, where the true middle path is required.

No longer paralysed by fear and no more “spiritually” bypassing. This is the time for us to rise into our warrior and face it all. What is on the other side of this is the golden age we all dream of and yet to attain true "gold" we must all go through this transformative and internal alchemical process.


In this workshop I will share..


  • How to cultivate the awareness to navigate all spectrum of reality at this time.


  • Be equipped with the tools to harness your power and to hold your centre in the midst of the storm.


  • How to reverse stress, overwhelm and anxiety and cultivate inner safety and stability from within.


  • How to reclaim your personal power so you are no longer effected by external influences and so you can now actively choose to positively effect this world in a better way


  • Plus I will share my own direct experience of the virus, how to navigate it and global events and more..



We will be taking a holistic view of the bigger picture. Firstly we will zoom out to fully understand the context in which these events are unfolding at a greater level and then we will be zooming into the present moment to bring  translate this awareness to the current events that are unfolding in our lives in the present moment.


Macro View:

  • We will explore the fractal nature of universe & human body. We will look at what is potentially happening at a Cosmic, Planetary, Spiritual & Physiological Level.
  • Explore keys hidden in ancient mythology that was preparing us for this time.


Micro View:


  • What is happening our current environment, The virus, the global pandemic, the current situation that we are all facing right now. Explore all the current narratives and perspectives of what is taking place.


Plus I debut my new short feature film “GENESIS” which I filmed in Maui, Hawaii last year.


The call is approximately 3 hours long. It is broken into 2 x 90 min sessions with a short break in between. I share a lot of information in this workshop, some which may resonate and others which may not. Please take what you need and leave the rest. 

If you have any questions, please direct all your queries to [email protected]


With Love


Niamh xx