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Inner Immunity Workshop

Over the past week I have received so many messages from ORIGEN members, friends and followers online sharing that they have been experiencing so much physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. There may be so many obvious reasons why we are experiencing this level of fatigue right now such as..

  • Pattern interrupt causing upheaval in our bodily rhythms, sleep, routine and behaviours
  • High levels of uncertainty creating emotional overwhelm
  • New information is coming to light which is questions your current belief systems and for some this is creating some inner conflict and identity crisis.
  • Stress, anxiety over money, jobs and financial stability

And on the other end of the spectrum we are also experiencing..

  • Accelerated awakening, 
  • New perceptions and beliefs 
  • Heightened sense of awareness and intuition

Yet if we allow ourselves to move even deeper we will see that we are going through a powerful genetic process. We are in the midst of a genetic mutation, this means that our human genetics are evolving and adapting to the influx of new frequencies and oscillations on the planet. There is so much that is unfolding on genetic, emotional, energetic, planetary and even universal level right now, our physical body, whether you are conscious of it or not,  is feeling it all. 

I know this may not make sense to some, yet we can begin to truly understand this complex process the further explore the fractalization and the evolutionary process of the human body and its relationship with our planetary ecosystem. The exact positioning of earth as it transitions through our solar system at this time is in conjunction with an internal genetic process that is unfolding in our bodies. This marks the precipice of another evolutionary leap, something that happens every 12,000 or so years.

The body requires immense nourishment and support during this time. While we are in the midst of a “pandemic”, I know we may not be able to understand this greater process that is unfolding yet  it is important to know how to truly nourish your body during this time, so that it can integrate these rapid changes with greater ease. 

That is why this month in ORIGEN, our orienting theme is centred around nourishment and now to revitalise and cultivate and inner-immunity so you can stay connected to your true state of awareness and potential during these changing times. 

We also just crossed the threshold into Bealtaine, a time for growth. Seeds are now sprouting and it is time for us to learn how to truly nourish the human body, beyond what we have been told. To nourish our physical, mental, emotional and energetic body so it can adapt and thrive in this new energetic environment. Especially with the influx of technology and artificial intelligence it is important that we nourish our natural intelligence so that we can live autonomously at this time.

  • This will be about coming back to our roots, to simplicity. 
  • Connecting with our body and its natural awareness, beyond dogma or any limiting blueprint
  • Remembering how to truly nourish our body
  • Understanding the evolutionary process  and the fractal nature of human body
  • Why are we journeying back to nature and how to live and create in harmony with natural lore.


This will be all about going back to simplicity.

We will be revising the core foundational principles of ORIGEN, so for those who are really curious about ORIGEN this will be a really great opportunity explore a new awareness and way of life.

What can you expect this month in ORIGEN?

1. Inner- Immunity Workshop

This month I will be doing a LIVE Inner- Immunity workshop Thursday 14th May 2020

2. A 21 day Celery Cleanse

We will also commence a group Celery Cleanse to support the body in releasing toxins and support integration of this work.

3.  Community workshops to support you with growing your own food and movement to support the oscillations of energy in the body.

  1. Grow your own wheatgrass workshop with Elaine Doyle sign up here.
  2. Raja Restorative Yoga with Sean Greentree Sign up here.

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