Story time: The dance between mythos (dream) and logos (word)

They say that in the beginning there was first word ~ Logos and that word created man. But what we have long forgotten is that in the beginning there was also the dream ~ the Mythos. The collective dream to co-create an experience of life on this earth. 
For that dream to be actualised we all first entered into a collective dreaming with the stars, the planets, the galaxies, the elements so we could dream a new world. One where all infinite possibilities could be experienced. One where we could dream together an experience where this world would become the ultimate expression and reflection of our own divinity.
We dreamed the trees, the plants, the birds, the land and the seas. We dreamed it all together and then we declared it in truth through the word (logos) and it became real. We understood the true meaning of creation. Creating through intention and we understood the alchemical marriage of our word (logos) with our dream (mythos) in harmony...
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