WHERE DO YOU HOLD YOUR HOUSE OF POWER? A message for the modern mystic..

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2020

EASTER RISING: The Crowning is now. Will you claim it? 


These times are biblical. We are in the midst of some of the biggest revelations in the history of our planet and we are about to uncover the true meaning of Easter- the uprising and our ascension into power. 

But what does it all truly mean? We have entered into a symbolic lenten period since the beginning of this corona event, which also seems to coincide with the religious lenten calendar. This is the mythical 40 days and 40 nights of fasting, a period of deep contemplation. In religious terms lent was always meant to be a period of solitude, a period in time where we removed external distractions, vices, and looked at where we have been giving our power away. It is a time that is meant to bring about deep internal awareness, so we can transform, evolve and grow.

It is a time where we move through a period of stillness, going deep into the internal crevices, a period of darkness so we can allow for what once unseen now to be seen. An internal revelation. This period of darkness is then always followed by a period of light. As we rise out of the well of darkness, we submerge ourselves with greater awareness and celebrate an expansion of our awareness. Feeling reborn with a new understanding of life itself. What we are moving through in these times of "corona" is very biblical and yet the translation, if we look even closer, may be very different.

This is a time of the crowning, but let us not forget to whom gains the seat of the throne this time. We cycle to this Easter period every year where we celebrate the ascension of Christ -  (Cristos)  the "son" (Sun). This time heralds an opportunity for a new translation of this "biblical" (yet cosmic in origin) event.

What we may have forgotten is that we have been celebrating an event that marks the ascension of humanity's house of power, from our hearts (the cross) to the crown (the head). This is the mythical crowning of thorns which then cited the analytical mind as man’s centre of power and control. An event that took place thousands of years ago. This crowning of thorns signified a severance for humanity from our true source, as we entered cycle of translating our human experience through the intellect alone.

This gave birth to the expansion of a collective hive mind, a limited consciousness that attempted to master itself.  This was an era that was prophetized by the ancients, - the great flood. An era where our true memory was drowned out and without access to our heart's intelligence and ability to translate our true DNA, we began to mistranslate our reality. Data became corrupt as we mistranslated meaning over and over, as we attempted to intellectualize that which was beyond the mind and trying to translate our infinite nature through a very finite lens. 

Many will say this marked the moment we gave our throne over to an external force. Now severed from the true cross, (our heart) we became subservient to external forces, giving our power over to deities and false gods. This also marked a moment we gave over our body (the chalice) and the blood (which carries our true memory) and became a subservient race. This sacrifice, however, was a necessary catalyst for humanity to complete an evolutionary cycle.  To separate from source, so that source could experience itself as separate so that it could once again reunite again with greater awareness. 

The sacrifice on the cross, was the sacrifice of our true source freedom, something we choose but we forgot. Now this time heralds an opportunity for every individual to reclaim it again.  The Corona - (the plasma rays of the sun) are descending upon the earth again. They are descending upon us again as the Sun (our true house of power now returns to its rightful place- in the centre of the cross - The Human Heart. The point which was once crucified - (forbidden) is now is being "resurrected" at this time. This event heralds a time to reclaim the marriage of the sun and the earth, the head and the heart and the masculine and the feminine within as we now complete an entire cycle of universal creation and deem ourselves finally worthy of our own throne.

In natural lore- in order to complete the cycles of growth, there is always a process of evolution (ascension) and involution (de-censcion). As above so below, as within, so without.

As we contemplate deeper on the true meaning of the biblical event, the ascension from our heart to our head, we must also appreciate the mystical process we have been journeying through internally- moving from our heads to our hearts and intuitive center. Both processes are required to bring us back into universal balance. We are the meeting point right now, we are approaching the cross once more. While we are living through the "experience" of the corona right now, it marks a crossroads, a junction, and a choice point for us to end the cycle of separation and reclaim our true sovereignty and enter into a new era of unity. 

As we experience a symbolic lenten period right now, being isolated in our homes, not only is it giving us ample opportunity for personal resolution and to reflect on where we have been giving our power away. It is also giving us an opportunity to be still to contemplate a deeper cosmic and universal truth at this time.

To see that we as a human race have held our house of power in the shadows for some time and only now are we beginning to submerge from these depths, with greater internal awareness. A Lenten period that has lasted thousands of years and this understanding now marries with our knowledge (Gnosis) of the planetary cycle of the earth as she moves through the birth canal of our solar system- the PHOTON Belt. A process that happens every 13,000 years. A time when the Earth comes into space/time overlap or period of NULL-TIME... an electromagnetic no-zone or energy vacuum, with a complete absence of electromagnetic fields and the temporary suspension of the planetary grid system. When the pendulum reaches the destructive pause at the end of its swing, this is one of the results.

This cosmic cloud is called the PHOTON Belt, the Milky Way or Monasic* Ring, and ushers in an era of Light (2,000 years of Enlightenment) after a much longer period of [biblical] darkness. With this, we will experience many changes. As the earth's vibrational field increases, the earth's rotational field will slow down, the (+ -) poles will shift, and our own house of power will shift from being in the intellect to now being in our intuitive heart intelligence. The real pole shift is happening within us as we claim this time of ultimate remembrance and as we usher in a new awareness we will see that this is the moment we have all been waiting for all along.

The moment of the real crowning - Where we crown ourselves and claim our heart as the house of our power. But remember, in a world that craves power there has always been a battle for the “crown”. A battle to take this house of power and a battle control the throne. We are seeing this battle play out in the world today right before our very eyes. As one house of power is losing its grip and stepping down from the throne, there is a battle now at play for who will now step into the seat of power and control. This is the battle of the ages.

It is very easy to see this play out within all the political narratives. The dualistic debate over what is “good” and what is “bad”. Yet this is the cycle we are here to end. We cannot wait for a force externally to step into power and save us from this chaos.

We must deem ourselves worthy of our sovereignty.

For remember if you are the chalice, if you claim the throne for yourself, there can be no throne to fight over and there can be no war. This is the ultimate realisation we are coming to. We choose our freedom Collectively if we choose this, we can bring the end to this cycle. We can end the battle of the ages, one by one, by going within ourselves.

You sit at the seat of your own throne. You hold the keys to all ancient memory. You are the chalice. You are universal nobility - when we all claim this at the same time it will usher in a new age, a new awareness. This is the true uprising of Easter. The rising into our power.

As you enter into this the “holiest” of weeks, it is now an opportunity not only to synthesize the greater awareness you have cultivated during this time of corona isolation,  it is also a time to deem yourself worthy of your sovereignty. To look at all the ways you have been personally giving your power away. To look at all the ways you have been distracted by external influences, narratives, and stories. To look at where you have become subservient and where you may have been over-exerting your own power.

As we gather for the “last supper” on "holy" Thursday this is a time to sit with all aspects of your personal and collective archetypal nature. To look at what serves and what no longer serves and to embrace all parts and unify so you can cultivate one true body of awareness.

This time there will be no breaking of bread, there will be no offering of wine, for you will remember that you are both the body and the chalice that contains all of the memory and in celebration at the supper this will mark the moment of true synthesis (understanding) of who you really are.

This is the mystical awareness we are all awakening right now. A new dawn in our understanding of our humanity. 

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