Story time: The dance between mythos (dream) and logos (word)

They say that in the beginning there was first word ~ Logos and that word created man. But what we have long forgotten is that in the beginning there was also the dream ~ the Mythos. The collective dream to co-create an experience of life on this earth. 
For that dream to be actualised we all first entered into a collective dreaming with the stars, the planets, the galaxies, the elements so we could dream a new world. One where all infinite possibilities could be experienced. One where we could dream together an experience where this world would become the ultimate expression and reflection of our own divinity.
We dreamed the trees, the plants, the birds, the land and the seas. We dreamed it all together and then we declared it in truth through the word (logos) and it became real. We understood the true meaning of creation. Creating through intention and we understood the alchemical marriage of our word (logos) with our dream (mythos) in harmony with all. This was an intentional dance with life, there was no separation. We were at one with the #dreamtime. This remembrance echos throughout many ancient & indigenous cultures and still does to this day.
In some this knowledge or remembrance was best kept hidden or secret until such a time mankind was responsible enough to remember how to use this wisdom once again. This time is now. It is time to remember our #origens, our original genetic blueprint, our connection with this planetary ego-system and the true power that we have to co-create within this dream of life. Some time ago you could say a spell ~ cast us all into a sleeping beauty. That spell or spelling of the words that told a story of our origins , our past and our history, carried power ( 𝐋𝐨𝐠𝐨𝐬 ) creating another dream within the dream. We descended into that world forgetting our true origins and roots. We fell so deep that we forgot our connection with the Dreamtime.
We became disconnected from our true power to co-create with reality and this meant we fell into scarcity and fear and began to distrust nature. Living now from a survival state we forgot the effect our thoughts, words and actions would have on the earth and in turn ourselves too. We began to kill and pillage the earth under the guise of survival and safety and in today’s world that is guise is comfortability and convenience. Not realising every harmful act was an act against ourselves (our nature). While we may have lost our way, there was one who did not. SHE the earth, the skies, the oceans and the air, the trees, the birds and animals remained within the dream waiting patiently for us to awaken from our slumber.
But how long would it take? How far would we go before we would realise the errors of our ways? Before we would come cheek to cheek with our only true love - nature once again?
This time is now.
Her fire is burning,
Her seas are swirling,
Her wind whispers to us silently,
And her earth is bellowing out calling us all back to nature -OUR Nature.
She is speaking to us through the mythos (the dream). Through our emotions, through all of our senses and igniting our true memory to come alive once again. She cannot reach us through logic and reason as these are the very things that cage us, keeping us bound to the old story. She can only reach us subtly in the space between the breath, in the present moment and when we are grounded and in our body with her.
She speaks through others who remember.
She speaks now.
This is remembrance speaking.
Can you feel it?
For those who are ready, this remembrance will feel so familiar and yet no words will come close to what is awakening inside. It stirs so much memory within you that you will have no choice but to hear her calling. It will be like unlearning much of what you have been told. This will feel so liberating and you will desire to walk a new path one that is in harmony with her again - and you will begin to dream with her again.
This vibrational artwork speaks so much more volume than any words ever can. Including these words, I share with you in this post. For this remembrance to truly come alive and be shared it in fullest expression it must speak to all senses, it must speak to a part of the body’s memory bypassing the intellect so it can truly come alive. This is why in Origen I share this remembrance experientially engaging all of our senses - using audio (sound) storytelling, spoken & written word (logos), video & vibrational artwork (visual) which ignites our feeling intelligence and true genetic memory. (Mythos)
These channeled vibrational artworks speak to a part of our memory that is beyond language and for hundreds of thousands of years, man used Sigils and sacred imagery/symbols to translate energies/ frequencies that are beyond language into meaning. This piece contains the memory of our original creative blueprint.
Each month we have an orienting theme or workshop which is shared through the senses, an activating audio which is then accompanied by a vibrational artwork to support the contemplation and integration of remembrance. This is supports in making what was once intangible now tangible and most importantly translatable to the individual who is also empowered with the tools to translate this remembrance from within. It is time that this wisdom is now accessible. This is one of the many reasons I created Origen.
This is a modern mystery school.
It’s the remembrance that the knowledge is already within you. If you are waiting to acquire this knowledge simply through reading books or in a seminar or even a “spiritual” or “religious” path you may still be choosing to embrace a linear path. Accessing only partial truths and not fully embracing the power of accessing this all directly and consciously through your body and the memory that is already within you.
This learning is beyond the linear.
  • It is multi-sensory (engages many senses)
  • It is multi-directional
  • It is multi-dimensional
And it is the place where all truths, all ancient lores collide and become one
The question is will you join us? For as little as EUR33 per month (no contracts, cancel anytime) you will get access to a full library of multi-sensory content, monthly mentoring  & LIVE Q&A plus access to a private online community of other visionaries on this journey too.
It is like nothing you have ever experienced before. I can say that with absolute confidence and congruence. It is not for everyone but it is for those who hear those subtle whispers and are ready to go deeper within themselves. 
Click here to come and explore.
See you there,
(C) Niamh Cronin 2020. All rights reserved

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