Run the marathon when everyone else is running the sprint

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2019
There will be times in your life when you are tempted to run the race that everyone is participating in for the prize is so alluring. The promise of success, beauty, fame, recognition and validation. It may be tempting to take the shortcuts, to experience the adrenaline rush as skip over some of life's obstacles and yet what you may eventually learn is that when you get there, all may not be what it seemed.
The satisfaction of the "prize" was not what you thought it was and infact you sacrificed so much to get here and now realise there was so much you missed along the way. There was so much that you were not present to and you began running this race not because you wanted to but because you thought it was the only way.
Now you are tired. I know this for I have lived it. You are deflated, "what is the point"? If all you do is aim for this "prize" and yet you get here and it falls short of what you know is available to you. There must be more. There has to be more to life than this?
Then the real journey begins. The one orchestrated by the incessant need to experience the truth. To experience the real gold, the real prize is to cultivate the ability to experience all that you desire from within.
But then you suddenly realise this path goes against the grain. The world is going in a different direction. Their focus is on the external and yet your focus now is on achieving a steady movement inwards. The friction is intense, to begin with, you will first need to put in the work. To listen to your body and your internal strength as you navigate the mental and emotional terrain. Your inner guidance is all you have here. Until soon you begin to release yourself from the shackles, and chains, the programs and limitations and you feel more of yourself come alive.
Directing your movement inwards cultivates a slow and steady pace. Slowly developing more trust, courage and inner resilience. It may seem to the outside world you are moving away from all that you know, to some it will look like you are "crazy", losing everything and yet what is really unfolding is you are choosing to let go of your attachment to the things that bind you so you can gain all that you truly desire.
It may seem like you are slowing down when everyone is speeding up. It may seem you are going into the wilderness when everyone else is seeking solace. It may seem that you are going insane and yet what if you are going sane in an insane world?
To run the marathon and when everyone is running the sprint, means you are in this journey for the long haul. You are ready to take life at your own pace. To choose your experience and your reality.
You are not choosing to walk the same path, you are creating your own one and the only prize is the inner trust, validation and inner resilience you cultivate from within. There are no timelines, there are no rules, you steer the way. You are present enough to witness the real moments, to experience the magik and cultivate wisdom.
While you may not manifest "results" in the way others are used to, the results are being made manifest slowly and steadily and are building momentum and will soon be seen, heard and witnessed by the world.
For you may be going against the grain of society but you are now flowing with the natural flow of nature. Nature precedes everything and as you commit to flowing with life in this way, watch the miracles unfold. For you now operate from within the parameters of nature itself not against it.
So if you are doubting your direction, your pace, stay the course. You are seen, you are being witnessed and soon you will taste the fruits of your commitment.
I see you.
Keep going.
Remember the only path worth committing to is the one that leads you deeper into your own heart and your own truth.
This is what we are here to remember.
-Niamh Cronin (c) 2019
 PS. If you prefer to listen to this I have also included an audio version so you can close your eyes and really receive these words.

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