Making our way back to nature may not be what it seems..

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2019

Making our way back to nature is not about hugging trees. It is not about spending all your time in the depths of the forest meditating in isolationIt is not about living in remote spiritual communities, fasting, vision quests, and plant medicine ceremonies. While all of that may be a very necessary part of the journey, this is not the destination.

For making our way back to nature is the primordial quest back to our true human nature ~ Our Original Genetic Blueprint.

It is the remembrance of an innate and natural intelligence that is so ancient and yet feels so familiar that is awakening within all of us right now, in our bodies and in the depths and density
of this modern society.

That ancient remembrance is beyond any reference point that exists in the outside world and yet we may find ourselves seeking externally in books, ideologies, scientific or spiritual teachings to translate what we are feeling and yet again and again it will fall short of what we are feeling inside.

The only means we have to translate this will be through our emotional intelligence and to access this we must be willing to feel deeply through our hearts.

So are you truly ready to make your way back to nature? For it may be very different from what you think. Making your way back to nature involves the courage and commitment to completely unlearn everything you have been told- everything. It means you must be willing to feel and come face to face with yourself- your fears, your deeply seeded wounds, distorted emotions, memories, and trauma. Not only your own but that of your ancestors and the collective too.

Making your way back to nature means being present in the body through feeling all spectrum of human emotion. It is about being brave enough to witness and integrate the deepest distortions that exist on this planet, while at the same time having love and appreciation for its existence.

Making our way back to nature means remembering that the cultural and societal “matrix”, the “control” system and the emotional “cage” we seek freedom from is actually being facilitated within us - in our bodies (physiologically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, chemically and spiritually)

It is the recognition that we must first decide to fully liberate ourselves by choosing to take responsibility for creating a different reality internally. It is about integrating and synthesizing the dualities and fragments of our individual and collective unconscious within ourselves.

Our journey back to nature is remembering
the root (the source) of all distortion and limitation lies within our genetic memory and knowing too at the same time there lies the keys to our truth.

Making our way back to nature means we must love ourselves enough to fully unplug from the physical, mental, emotional, chemical, cultural and even spiritual matrixes. To call on the forces of internal discernment to support us in seeing through the illusions within illusions.

To break the deeply seeded emotional and chemical bonds that keep our bodies reacting and responding to the pain and fear in our environment. To release our unconscious addiction to unhealthy behaviours that keep us looping in limiting cycles.

Making our way back to nature will be remembering our true origins- our genesis as a human race ~ who are we and where did we come from?

It will be eyes wide open, it will be about seeing REALity through an whole new lens and remembering we are now integrating a universal intelligence within our bodies that is far more sophisticated than any artificial intelligence that was created to mimic or counter it.

Making our way back to nature is the remembrance that we are nature.

This remembrance is happening now
This is the remembrance of our ORI•GEN
~ Our ORIginal GENetic Blueprint.

[An extract from a creative exploration of our human origins] ~ Niamh Cronin (c) 2019.


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