LET'S NOT MISS THE POINT.. - A message for all coaches, healers, empaths and influencers during this time.

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2020
- A message for all coaches, healers, empaths and influencers during this time.

I recorded a video a week ago and the ironic thing is that the entire message that came through was to look at where we are possibly missing the point in the midst of this sacred pause and when I tried to post this video several times it would not upload. ~

I took this as a sign from the universe that even though the message was so relevant I was trying to share it in the midst of a time when I really needed to be giving to myself. Bingo! 💡 ~

For those of you who watched my 3-hour workshop from last week will know that I shared my personal experience with navigating the uncertain time with this virus.

It has highlighted to me where I have been giving my power away. For me the whole experience we are moving through right now is grounding us into the present moment so we can come face to face with what we could not see all along. To confront our blindspots.

For me it feels like we are being asked to look at the subtleties and the things that go unnoticed, to question what drives us and our intention behind everything. To question if we are leading from lack, from fear or choosing to lead from certainty and from our center.

Having worked with many other coaches, healers, mentors over the years and being one myself this time has really shown me that we can only truly serve when our cup is full. (Yes we all know this, but are we truly living it?? really??) Even though we may feel that we are, let's look deeper. Put the mirror up. ~ ps as always take what resonates and leave the rest xx

Watch the full video here:


The message goes like this:

"Where are you leading from? 
Are you leading from lack? 
Are you leading from fear? 
Are you leading for recognition? 
Are you leading because you seek validation? 
Are you leading out of obligation? 
Are you leading out of expectation? Expectations people or society has put on you or expectations you have put on yourself? 
We are in the age of transparency. Your intention behind everything can now be felt and seen by all. If it is not stemming from a deep source of alignment within you and with nature/planet it will be seen. 
Just like all things that move against the grain and natural flow, it is unsustainable and will fizzle out. This is the gift in this sacred pause right now. The gift of being still to evaluate all of this. 
Let us not miss the point. 
Let us no longer be distracted being in service when the real work is to go deep within. 
We are weeding out some big cultural norms and narratives right now. Let us weed out the martyr archetype too while we are at it. No one needs saving. No one needs your love, your kindness, your attention more than yourself right now. If we all just gave ourselves an ounce of that love we give so freely to others right now it may be the answer or solution to a lot of what we are facing right now. 
Then when we are full to the brim, we can gift our radiance to the world and without saying or doing anything our radiance affects others and the world in a far greater way. When we do contribute our genius from this place it is an added bonus. 
We do not need to operate how we use to. 
Let us weed out what limits us from being in our true radiance. 
Let us weed out the limiting narratives, stories and behaviors now. 
Let us not miss the point."

As always, take what you need and leave the rest. 
With Love 
Niamh xx 

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