International Women's Day. A Remembrance of the Mythical Eve

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2020

On the eve of this celebration of women let us celebrate that we are givers of life. Let us celebrate the feminine energy in all, that breathes life into all things. Let us unlock the mythical key of the natural womb-man and restore the remembrance of the mythical Eve: the source seed. 

Our feminine genetic blueprint: Mitochondrial DNA. 
The source giver of life. 

Our forgetfulness is that we bear fruit from this everyday yet we fail to recognize its source in our original genetic nature. This is one which we have all taken for granted and yet now as we at the precipice of our human involution we are returning to the core memory of our feminine origins. Our survival now depends this remembrance ~ the seed which gives life to all of life~ the apple of creation. Remember that which gives birth to life within is the same source that gives birth to all and so we must nurture our true feminine origins one again. 

For womb~man holds the key.

With the resurrection of the memory of Eve ~ it will reverse the very act of “temptation”. It will heal the rifts with Adam, (the culture of separation) bringing an end to the disconnect between the heart and the mind, between science and religion, between the masculine and the feminine.

To bring about a new mutation in our understanding of our true (original) human nature.


- Niamh Cronin (c) 2020 #musings


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