Embracing Emotional Seasons

Can we embrace all seasons? Accepting they all hold a purpose? They all a very necessary part of the cycle of life?
We spend much of our lives wishing away the winter season, the sad seasons, the angry, frustrated and mad seasons. Our emotions have cycles and sometimes we do not allow them to run their cycle or we play some over and over not allowing ourselves to enter into the next one.
But what would happen if in the micro-moments when “unpleasurable” emotions arise we were to be with it, be with the season of that feeling. Acknowledge it. Feel it. Translate it. Let go of all the conditioning around it and allow it to pass through. Not giving power over to it but instead observing it.
For me what unfolds is a recognition, and appreciation for its unseen beauty. While it may feel uncomfortable (because we are not used to doing it) or it may feel inconvenient (for we prefer to be in summer/happy season always) there is a new profound beauty, awareness, and understanding that can be extracted from it.
Once we can appreciate something we can no longer deem it as negative. We recognise it as a necessary part of our growth, our life cycle. Yet it is important that when we find ourselves in those winter seasons that we choose to show up fully, face it, feel it -for ignoring, suppressing or distracting ourselves will only keep us stuck in the same cycle over and over.
Not allowing emotion to run its cycle will only prolong it. Sometimes the very act of trying to “fix” or “heal” it can become a distraction too so ask yourself what can I do in this moment to embrace the cycle, the season I am in? Knowing that all seasons and cycles must come to an end~ a closure. We are now at the end of a collective, planetary cycle. The season of separation and emotional distortion is coming to an end as we bring closure to many cycles within cycles that have kept us as human beings looping in limited experiences.
To allow this natural process to unfold we now find ourselves as a collective now being with the truth of what this season brings. To appreciate the nourishment this time has given us as a human race although the truth may be bittersweet that contrast was necessary for us all to expand our sensorial and emotional palette so we can taste more of life and our human potential.
It may seem like we are in a death of sorts, yet with every death comes to a renewal and this renewal will feel like no other. As we cross this threshold into a new personal, collective and even planetary season we will receive the fruits of all the seeds we have sown not just our own but our ancestors too. Embracing the cycles of life will be a necessity now if we are to make our way back to nature ~ our nature.
This is what we are here to remember.
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