Emotional Mastery vs. Emotional Remembrance

What if for us to attempt to master our emotions in some ways keeps us playing within the realms of the mind, the intellect?

There are a lot of perceived "tools" or "pathways" that share ways in which we can become the "Master" of our emotions but that is only when we perceive emotions as something that needs to be "controlled". Yet how could we possibly control, limit or "master" something that is so infinite and that is beyond what the mind can comprehend - surely we cannot.

Therefore the only option is for us to explore the realms of our awareness outside of what we have been told, to go beyond the intellect and explore the nature of our emotions more deeply. Rather than trying to limit control or master our emotions, allow us to remember how to feel again.

To feel without judgment,
To translate what we are feeling,
To intuit and understand that our feelings are an innate intelligence that is designed to support us in translating our internal and external worlds.

They are a means to translate information, frequencies, and energies beyond what the mind can compute and yet we cannot reach this point until we remember how to connect with them again through our unconditional nature.

So in a world where we are experiencing extreme highs and lows, where our anxiety levels are soaring, stress and overwhelm are the norm. Where people are burdened with extreme depression and emotional turbulence it is important now more than ever that we remember how to translate what we are feeling.

If we attempt to control, we will only suppress its innate intelligence, repeating the cycles of the past, keeping us stuck repeating and playing out the same experiences. Yet if we remember how to feel again, the full spectrum of our emotional intelligence we will begin to access a deeper understanding of our world and of each other.

Then we will find meaning.

We will no longer be controlled or overwhelmed by the floods of emotions, we will have the ability to translate them, integrate them and even learn how to work with them again. So at times like this, seek not to control but allow yourself to remember.

Remember your ORI•G☰N .

- Niamh Cronin (c) 2019


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