Emotional Epidemic

attuneme emotions remember Sep 24, 2019

Our human bodies were designed to be intuitive vessels so that we can feel and interpret the vast amount of information in our environment. In today's world, we are experiencing an emotional epidemic. We have forgotten how to feel.

In some ways, this is not our fault. We are holding onto so much suppressed emotional trauma and memory in our bodies. Our body is a storehouse of memory. It stores all emotional memory including that which is passed on from our parents, our ancestors, and even our collective past. As a result, we have become so numb to feeling and we now live in a world operating from a very limited capacity to translate and connect with our environment and each other consciously.

When an emotion is triggered, if we do not allow ourselves to feel the full spectrum of that emotion, it fragments causing us to disassociate and lose touch with our true sensory awareness. Just as from childhood we can take on learned behaviors from our parents, as a collective we have taken on a very deeply engrained unhealthy human behavior from our collective past- Suppression.

We have been conditioned and programmed unconsciously suppressed how we are feeling and how to relate to our emotions and yet now at this time more and more people are awakening. We are going through a massive planetary shift right now and as the frequency of the planet increases so too is the frequency in our bodies. This means the rate at which our cells are vibrating is quickening causing what is dense in our field and once left dormant and hidden is now rising to the surface to be seen and felt.

Many are beginning to feel this, particularly the sensitive ones. Those who have been going through their own awakening of sorts or have been on this path of personal development. In the beginning, when the senses begin to awaken, it can initially feel overwhelming. Many may experience this as anxiety, overwhelm and even depression. It is important to remember that what is happening here is our sensory awareness is coming online. We are beginning to feel our inner and external environments more consciously.

What was once suppressed or numb within our bodies is beginning to be felt and we are beginning to feel a vast amount of other energies, frequencies and information in our external environment too. This can be very overwhelming for those who are not aware of what is happening within them. Particularly if they do not yet have the awareness to translate and interpret what they are feeling. This is where we must let go of the conditions and beliefs we hold around pain, emotional overwhelm, and states of anxiety and even depression.

Those that are awakening are beginning to feel again, the sensitive ones are the ones who are courageous enough to walk this path and discover that their feeling senses are the pathway to accessing more of their human potential. Once we embrace them,  our emotions act as a mechanism to translate energy, frequencies and dimensional realities. This is what we are here to remember.

Our emotions are the gateway to an array of infinite intelligence waiting to be rediscovered.

This intelligence wants to come alive in us again, as we re-integrate our true human emotions and synthesize this information we will begin to activate our true multi-sensory awareness giving us access to all forms of life, realities and we will begin experience living a multi-dimensional world.

My name is Niamh, speaker, storyteller, transformative facilitator, and vibrational artist. Everything I create and express to the world has one specific intention and that is to ignite remembrance and empower others to find their true nature (origens) once again. I hope this written piece has inspired you or has ignited some sort of remembrance in you. As with any piece of art, this is simply an expression and all I ask is you take what resonates and leave the rest.  I hope to share more with you very soon.


Le Gra (with love)





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