Distill Your Essence

The process of transmuting impurities, to allow for more potency and more vibrancy of matter. The truth of who you are is so pure, she is so potent and she is divine. Allow yourself the time and the patience to meet her.

It takes a certain devotion to allow this alchemical process to take place from within. To allow the impurities to rise to the surface. To be with them, to see them and allow them to transmute into another form.

These impurities at one point were part of your genetic and energetic makeup for a reason. They carried a specific frequency so that in a way they attracted certain experiences into your life. These experiences acted as a catalyst for growth, calling you into more purity. Calling you into a deeper experience of your essence.

But when there is a commitment to truth, a commitment to growth and a commitment to attuning to your natural state, it is only natural that any impurities (whether that is a limiting thought, belief, emotional pattern or behavior) rise to the surface and when they do the process of distillation does not abruptly try to get rid of, it supports its natural process of evolution. It supports that energy to shift into a new state, to transform from one type of energy to another allowing it to naturally evolve, honoring its evolutionary cycle.

As those “impurities” distill, transform into a new state, what remains behind is the imprint of its truth, its essence, and its wisdom in its most potent state. This becomes the elixir of life. The potion of our purity. A tincture that contains all the truth of our life lessons, our experiences. So potent that our frequency becomes so finely tuned. So exact, so sweet, so effervescent it enters into a pure and natural state with the divine.

For no longer will impurities limit us from our truth.They become the alchemical pathway to truth. They no longer limit our receptivity because they are the way in which we will squeeze more juiciness out of life. We no longer fear the process of change, or transformation because it becomes the most natural process there is.

This is not the avoidance of the shadow it is the integration of the purity of it.

There is a beauty to the transformation that we often miss, due to our lack of presence and patience with it. Yet when we can be with the droplets of consciousness as they distill meaning in our cells we will absorb the purity of our nature. Our true RAW and innate state of being. It may come as a surprise how powerfully potent that essence is. Its frequency so attuned it causes chaos within our senses.

For the one who can hold the field and the frequency of wholeness is the one who can call you forward into your truth. The one who will trigger the impurities to bubble to the surface from within you. The one who will incite the alchemical process of transformation in their presence

That is why the flavor of nature is sometimes bitter-sweet.
It stimulates our senses beyond our comfortable palette.

It can feel jarring,
It can feel intolerable
In some ways cutting straight to the bone.

Yet the intolerance you feel is only a reflection of an inner intolerance. The rejection of the “impurities” that are arising within you.

Nature incites nature.
Nature invokes the process of distillation (the natural transformative process 

For we came from the earth and we must return to the earth once again.

In our time,
With Patience
With trust
And with love.”

© Niamh Cronin 2019


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