Finding your orienting point

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2019

This is an extract from one of our recent online workshops in ORIGEN. In this training, I spoke about how to find your centre and orienting point: the place upon which you create. This is the foundation upon which everything else in your life is built upon. I shared some really effective, yet simple tools on how to begin cultivating your true creative power.

1) How to centre your chi and energy. Finding your orienting point within your body and how to truly take up space and claim your creative power so you truly know you are creating autonomously from within.

2) The key tell-tell indicators or signs that let you know you are off centre.

3) How to declare your creative power and tangibly create results that are real, long-lasting and fulfilling.

If you are curious to explore this more and access the entire online workshop, it is now available in ORIGEN Home along with an entire library of training, tools, activating audios to support you in igniting your emotional remembrance and memory of your original genetic blueprint.

Curious to explore, then click here and join us for as little as EUR1.11 per day (no contracts) cancel anytime. 

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