Spreagan do Aishling Dochas: Let your dreams inspire hope

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2020

“Spreagann do Aisling dochas”
“Spreagann do chuid focal paisean”
“Spreagann do mhisneach dan naisuin”


“Your dreams inspire hope”
“Your words inspire passion”
“Your courage forges a nation's destiny”

Words inspired by visiting the site where Michael Collins (Irish Revolutionary) was ambushed in Aug 1922.

A man we learned in our history who fought hard for the freedoms of this land, yet in many eyes failed as he only secured 26 of 32 counties of Eire.

It is believed by some that Michael Collins was ambushed by those who believed he failed the Irish people by signing the treaty with the British.

So much emotion moved through me today as I visited this place, realising we have been fighting this age old battle for eons. A battle for our freedom that can never be won and one which will only ever serve to separate and divide and turn nations against eachother.

Here we are again, HIStory is repeating itself again on...

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To be holy and human: The Modern Mystic

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2020

You can feel deeply, 
Flirt with the mystical,
The cosmos and the divine,
Yet at the same time remain so rooted
in the everyday world.

For me these experiences are not separate.

We have been conditioned to believe
in some ways these dual experiences are vastly apart yet the more we marry the mystical with the mundane in the realms of the present moment we become the 
true embodiment of what this human
experience is meant to be.

For me to have an infinite cosmic
& universal awareness which is rooted in the earth, nature and the density of the real world is the most divine experience there is. 

Sometimes the most mystical moments are the ones where a butterfly flutters by and in that moment (Satori) you have an infinite realisation and greater understanding of life.

The most divine and mystical path for me has been on embracing this human experience fully without judgement in every moment. Not an easy task yet is the only path I can walk.

To be intentional with every act, every...

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Le Cuimhneach ( To Remember)

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2020

Surround yourself with people and places that bring out the best in you and also the reality you wish to live in. Having the craic (an Irish term) for having fun, laughter, “banter” and chats with friends for me is best medicine at this time.

This is another thing that I’m remembering and is deeply woven into our culture and to a certain degree in our modern world is now under threat. In its origins perhaps having the craic was the reflection of a community who held purpose and meaning and were so at home in their hearts they lived in celebration, in song and in dance with one another, in full radiance and expression.

Yet over the centuries as we became more disconnected from our roots and through a deep unconscious mourning of our culture it became a means of survival- a way we could attempt to keep our traditions alive and stay connected to a “better time” or feeling of home.

On one side we hold on to a memory of who we are and on another side we mourn...

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Ancestral Remembrance: It is time to resurrect the oral traditions

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2020

I, Niamh [ˈniːəv], Ni Chronin, nee Hickey [Ó hIceada] descendant of the Dalcassian clan who were well known in early times for their role as practitioners in folk medicine. The term "iciadh" means "healer", a well-deserved cognomen since many manuscripts survive which bear witness to their continuing interest in the recording of various remedial treatments.


“The Ó hIceada, by reason of their skills and knowledge of country cures, gained positions of importance and were chosen also as hereditary physicians to the Earls of Thomond. 


Consequently, most of their books and manuscripts' notes were considered to be of great value and were both carefully copied and maintained. Plants, herbs and flower petals, the leaves and roots of many common weeds were all used in the compounding of cures and medicines they offered.”


As I retrace my roots and my ancestry I find so many hidden clues and memories that make my journey and path all the...

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What is the natural world?


This audio is a little snippet from this month's multi-sensory workshop which is centred on igniting the remembrance of the natural world

If this audio spoke to you and you feel called to come and explore more of this unique multi-sensory experience, join us in ORIGEN.

Dip your toes in and immerse yourself fully in the natural world.

Join for as little as EUR33p/m (no contracts)

Click here to join


What is ORI•GEN?

Origen is a full multi-sensory experience and it is a space where you can embark on the primordial quest to ignite your original genetic blueprint and how to live in the natural world once again.

This journey is non- linear.
It is not a coaching program
It is not a spiritual path.

This is a full multi-sensory experience utilising all forms of vibrational art, audios, and vibrational media to ignite your original cellular remembrance.

This is for those who have already chosen the natural path.
Who are ready to untangle from that which is natural and come into the full...

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June 2020 Solstice.

musings solstice writings Jun 22, 2020

June 21:06:2020 Solstice.

For many, this Solstice will act as a powerful threshold. There will be many who will look back to this specific time in 2020 and they will remember the life they lead before it and will remember the changes that came after.

While this Solstice event happens every year, this year's June solstice is particularly unique as it will coincide with an annular solar eclipse. This will only happen two times this century, the next being in 2039!! Many (including myself) have been feeling a lot of intensity (Intense highs and lows) on the lead up to this event and while some may not realise the significance have felt this time has been calling them to reflect deeper on their life and at the direction they wish to take.

Humanity is at a major crossroads. We are all being faced with a choice point. This Solstice gifts ya all with an opportunity now to choose a new experience of life both for ourselves and for the collective. It is an opportunity to once and...

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We Are The 5th Element: Activate the remembrance of your primal power

vibrational media Jun 14, 2020

Vibrational Media:

The intention of this video is to ignite deeper remembrance through vibrational media. Here is a visual piece of art that has been intentionally created to unlock the deeper remembrance of the 5th element.

Remembrance is non-linear and through the exploration of our nature by engaging all of our senses, including sound, image, and vibration the true translation and the memory of what I am sharing will reveal itself.

What is the 5th Element?

[Please note: With any translation, yours is always the most valid. Trust your own translation of anything you receive in this space. I will share my own translation below and as always please take what you need and leave the rest.]

My translation of the 5th element is that it is the human avatar. The 5th Element is the synthesis of all elements to form a whole and unified substance. We (as human beings ) are the 5th element. We are the alchemical container to allow for all of the natural life to combust, transform, and...

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Mayan Calendar 2020: Are we living in the real "end times"?

calendar genetic clock Jun 14, 2020

Before the introduction of the now Gregorian calendar, we operated and lived in harmony with the natural rhythms and cycles of nature, specifically we followed the cycle of the earth as it rotated around our central sun. This is how we had an awareness of our time, space and location.

This formed a way in which we as human beings could live in harmony and in sync with the natural flow of universal life. Our bodies were (and still are) intrinsically designed to sync with a universal genetic clock. This clock did not track time as we know it, rather it was a map or a blueprint that depicted the full genetic process or (Genesis) of universal expression.

From my own exploration of many original teachings I have found evidence of this same original genetic clock/calendar in the Celtic calendar, Myan calendar, the I-Ching, and many more. In the exploration of these teachings and through my own direct experiences I have come to realise that there an even greater blueprint that...

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Make a stand for what is real

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2020

Now is a time to make a stand, not only for what you believe in, not only for your human family, not only for the truth that is being revealed, but now it is time to consciously make a choice on which reality you choose to occupy and create within.

Contrast has never been more ripe. 

We are no doubt at the precipice of the most immense transformational change this planet has ever seen. We are in witness to the great revelation. 

This revelation brings us to a crossroads. 

Do you continue to operate within the parameters of that which is un-natural or do you courageously choose to make a stand for what is real? 

Do you choose now to stand in the presence and in the environment of the natural world. The foundational blueprint which upholds all other realities? 

When we stand and occupy space from here, we are operating, living, and creating from within the deepest foundational blueprint that underpins and governs all else. Therefore when we remember this we will no...

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Your nature is being revealed.

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2020

There is a natural intelligence so simple, so pure and innate that is coming alive in you at this time.

An intelligence that is so intricate, it has the ability to transverse time, to withstand many cycles of alchemical change.

Even the cycles of amnesia, 

This intelligence remained aware of itself. Laying dormant within us.

An intelligence so sophisticated that at the right chosen moment, one word, one taste, one touch, one aroma would ignite its memory, activating its full spectrum of truth and remembrance in you.

In one moment, all timelines, all storylines of humanity would weave into one thread, one awareness.

That moment is ripe. That moment is now.

That ancient memory is coming alive in us all and its time for us bear witness to its fruit.


With Love,

Niamh xx


(c) Niamh Cronin 2020

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